Phil Wheatley

Phil Wheatley

Hi Guys – Just thought I’d let you know who I am as I don’t want this to be one of those sites where you don’t know whose behind it all, plus the amount of friends I have who are into metal AND play guitar can be counted on one hand, so I could do with a few more! :-)

Anyway, I’m Phil! I first got into Heavy Metal when I was about 13, first discovered Europe LOL but then quickly got into Iron Maiden, at the time they totally blew my mind, compared to the crap I was listening to! It was soon after that I decided to learn guitar myself, what followed 6 months of pure frustration while I tried to play cool songs on an acoustic guitar.

Thankfully, not long after, my parents were good enough to buy me a Fender Squire Strat, which looked pretty cool as it was metallic blue. I also got a decent amp (a custom sound with a Fane speaker) which had built in distortion, which I always had set to 10 (it didn’t have 11 LOL)

Anyway, there’s more that follows but not sure how interesting it is!! So, I’ll just say, thanks(!) for checking out the site, I hope you like what you find and let me know what you would like to see featured on the site, you can post comments on the home page.

Take it easy,

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