Ever wonder what happened to Xentrix?

Xentrix were a thrash band from the 80s/90s who started life as a Metallica tribute band, but soon found that their own material was getting a good reception at gigs so soon started plugging their own stuff.

Probably their best album to date was Kin which was released in 1992, well worth checking out and was their last album with their main stay singer Chris Astley.  However, they did record one further album with a new singer in 1996 called Scourge.

In 2006, they did a very short reunion tour of the UK of which the rare video below is taken from.  It seems they don’t plan to do anything more in the future, but then again, how many bands have you heard say that before….here’s hoping. Leave a comment and let me know what you think of them.

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