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How to Play AC/DC’s Thunderstruck on Guitar

I have had lots of requests for AC/DC, so I will be doing more in the near future.  Thunderstruck has a great intro lick by Angus Young which sounds kinda tricky on the record, but actually when you look at it, is it really just a simple patteren which repeats itself, so you just move it up and down the neck.

The only tricky part is keeping it going smoothly without making any mistakes or stutters, in fact, I make a couple of fluffs in the video lol.  The secret is to warm up first, then practice playing it correctly at a slower speed, and then building up the speed over time.  Get to it :-)

How to Play Kiss – No No No Intro on Guitar

Bruce Kulick, an ex member of Kiss came up with this lick for the song No No No back in 1987. Although Bruce lacked the on stage presence of Ace Frehley, he was very underrated and was responsible for co-writing some great songs. He then left (well, kinda kicked out) and formed ‘Union’ with John Corabi (ex Motley Crue).

Anyway, this is a cool lick and there’s lots of scope to play around with it to make up your own lick or incorporate it into your own solos. Have fun!

How to Play Motley Crue – Looks That Kill

This one was a request from a subscriber called Gary, it’s a great track so I was happy to show how to play it. You can play this in standard tuning, unlike Girls,Girls,Girl where you have to play in drop D.

By the way, feel free to send me a video of yourselves playing any of these songs if you have a bash at it yourselves.

How to Play Motley Crue’s Girls, Girls, Girls

This is a song I always wanted to learn back in the day, but never got around to it.  When I first tried to work it out, I couldn’t work out the chord until I realised the tuning is drop D, so make sure you tune your low E string down to D before you start. NOTE: In the video I said the D was the 3rd string doh, I meant the 4th of course!

Once you do this, you’ll find there isn’t too much to learn in the song, and you can be playing it fairly quickly.  At first, play it at a slower speed so that you get it down well, and then you can start to play it at the correct speed.

Mick Mars is a great guitarist and pretty underrated, I will probably do some more Crue soon, let me know if you like it – Cheers!

Shred Like Vinnie Vincent – Hybrid Picking

Unless you are a massive Kiss fan, there’s a possibility you haven’t heard of Vinnie Vincent.  He actually first played for Kiss on the album Creatures of the Night, under the name of Vincent Cusano (even though Ace Frehley was on the original cover lol).

Well, he then played officially on the follow up album “Lick it Up”, and it has some amazing solos on there, I can remember first hearing the unique tone of the notes, despite the speed he played them at and always wondered how he did it.

As you see in the video below, the answered is revealed if you watch his picking hand closely.  Basically, he is using what is know as hybrid picking, this is a combination of picking with a plectrum and your fingers, a technique often used in Country music.

Now, Vinnie’s style is probably a bit over the top for most, and the speed was much more important in the 80s than it is now I guess, but it’s an interesting technique all the same, and also note how use moves his whole hand for picking rather than his ‘thumb and finger muscle’.

Devin Townsend Teaches “Awake” from his Album Addicted

Devin is the man, and he teaches you how to play the main riffs from Awake, although you have to be a bit observant.  The other problem is he uses open tuning which is B f# B F# B F# D….what the!!!!???  But anyway, check it out because it’s interesting to watch, especially as he starts to pull faces halfway through!  Cool sound too.  Comment below, I’d like to hear form you! :-)

Check these aweome Ozzy Covers!

Hi Gang

While trawling youtube, I found thiese great ozzy covers, and she’s done many others, check the comments too, there seems to be a mass-debate about whether she is a girl or not!

Kiss – Love Her All I Can Cover

A quick cover I did of an old Kiss Song – Love Her All I can. I dig this song because it shows that you can create a cool solo around a fairly basic pentatonic scale.

The Man Zakk Wylde Teaches Miracle Man Solo

Well, I guess the title already says it all – This has to be one of his best solos, and when you listen to it on the album, it sounds impossible, but when it’s broken down, it’s actually not that bad. Check it out!

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