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Megadeth Uk – Tribute Band (Hanger 18)

Hey Guys

I saw this tribute band in Weymouth, Dorset a couple of weeks ago and they were totally awesome!  They are called Megadeth Uk and what I like about them is as well as playing the classics, they also cover stuff which Megadeth don’t even play themselves any more.

This isn’t my video, but one that another fan shot from another of their gigs, give it a few moments as the camera man moves closer to the stage.  The sound is a bit raw lol but you have to hand it to these guys are these songs are bloody hard to play!!  Enjoy! – Phil

Devin Townsend Teaches “Awake” from his Album Addicted

Devin is the man, and he teaches you how to play the main riffs from Awake, although you have to be a bit observant.  The other problem is he uses open tuning which is B f# B F# B F# D….what the!!!!???  But anyway, check it out because it’s interesting to watch, especially as he starts to pull faces halfway through!  Cool sound too.  Comment below, I’d like to hear form you! :-)

Devin Townsend – Addicted

Hi Gang

Have you heard of Devin Townsend? If not, then you should really check him out. Most people who HAVE heard of him only know him as the singer on Steve Vai’s Sex and Religion album, but he then went on to create some of the best metal on the planet.

If you are into the heavier stuff then you should really check out his side project band call Strapping Young Lad! Yes, you read that right, f**king awful name but I think that was the point! The best album without a doubt from SYL is Alien.

For a taster, check this video.

However, he has also created X solo albums to date, which you can find at Amazon, but this week he released his latest of a 4 part series, called Addicted.

The sound of the guitars are amazing and a good mixture of clean and angst vocals. By the way, he used to use ESP but now he has got a deal with Peavey who have been making some very cool guitars for him, including a 7-string flying V. Check him out, he kicks ass!

Alice in Chains on Jools Holland Show

Guys, don’t get me wrong, I loved Nirvana, but to me Alice in Chains were more interesting and..well, better in general.  Check these two cool clips from a performance they did here in the UK.  These songs rule.

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