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"Tearing It Up"

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Email Subject: Axe Survival Guide – Tip 1 (Guitar Tuning)

Hey there

How’s it going?  This may sound silly but you MUST make sure your guitar is in tune.  You can buy tuners for this but I’ve included two links below to videos you can watch to tune your guitar to.

The first is standard E:  It was more common in rock in the 70s (especially bands from the UK) to play in this key.  To play along to some albums, you’ll need to tune to this key.  It starts from the 6th string (the thickest string)

The second tuning is E Flat, which is more common in the US, and has become more popular by most rock and metal bands worldwide.  On this video the person marks it as G Sharp, which actually is the same as A Flat (don’t worry if that doesn’t make sense, just tune the strings until is sounds the same)

So, just pluck the open string and turn the tuning pegs until the two sounds sound as close as possible.  You may need to go through the whole process twice to make sure they are all still in tune.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about a technique to make your chords sound a lot more interesting.


Email Subject: Axe Survival Guide – Tip 2 (Chord Vibrato)

Hi again

Made any progress?  Hope so, I’m looking forward to hearing about your progress soon.

Hey, I wanna give you a free video to get you started with some metal chords

Today’s Tip: If you watch and listen to metal guitarists when they strike a chord, rather than just letting the chord ring out flat at the end, they often vibrate the stings by quickly bending them, know as vibrato.

This is the same as doing a vibrato on a single note, but you just need to try and bend both of the strings at the same rate.  Practise doing this with one note and then move to two.  I would only really do this with a chord of two notes.

If you have a tremolo arm then you may want to practise using that as instead, if you wiggle it up and down by holding it very lightly in your hand, you can do vibrator on a chord containing any number of notes.

The speed you vibrate the notes is up to you, some guitarists do it very fast, some slow, its personal preference.  Practise it as the more you do it, the better you will become

Tomorrow I will tell you what you need to make sure your strings and guitar stay up to scratch.


Email Subject: Axe Survival Guide – Tip 3 (String Maintenance)

Hiya Mate

At some point, you will need to put some new strings on your guitar because after a while they can become corroded and have a very dull sound. 

When you first put your strings on, don’t tune them up fully straight away, leave them slightly slack and then put your fingers underneath them (as if carrying a bag by its straps) and then pull up on the strings so that you are stretching them.

I do this about 10 – 20 times each string, be a bit careful with the thinner strings as you don’t want to over do it.  Doing this will stretch the strings quicker which will keep them in tune better.

Something else you should be doing is using a lint free cloth (you can get these from guitar shops) to rub the strings down after a playing session, especially if your hands have been sweating a lot.  This will prolong the life of the strings and save you money.

You may also want to dry any metal areas of the guitar where you hands have been touching, such as the bridge to stop any corrosion.

In the next tip, I will tell you the secret and sounding great like the top metal guitarists.


Email Subject: Axe Survival Guide - Tip4 (Guitar Attitude!)

Hey, what’s happening?

When people start learning the electric guitar, they often play too softly as they are afraid of making mistakes or worried about sounding crap. 

There are so many guitarists I’ve seen who play the notes correctly, but they lack the feeling, often the amp is too loud and they play too softly.

If you look at a lot of the top Heavy Metal guitarists (Zakk Wylde for example), they pick reasonably hard because they are putting a lot of feeling into it, which produces a very confident sound.

The reason for playing too softly often arises is because they turn their amp on, pluck a string (normally the 6th string) lightly, and then turn the amp up until it is loud enough.  But then, as soon as they start playing, it sounds too loud so they just play more softly to compensate.

Instead, pluck the bottom string reasonably hard repeatedly and turn your amp up with your other hand until it is at a volume you are comfortable with.  Now, when you start playing, you can pluck with reasonable force and you won’t be afraid of it sounding harsh and you will also play with more confidence because you sound great!

In the next email, I will reveal what will help you get faster at moving from one chord to another.

Catch you later

Email Subject: Axe Survival Guide - Tip 5 (Rhythm for Speed)

Hi there

Something I wish I had done from day 1, but didn’t realise the importance until much later, is playing to a rhythm or beat. 

This is important because A) it will teach you about keeping in time which is important if you want to play in a band and B) it is a great way of increasing your general speed with chords and scales.

The easiest way is to use a metronome which you can buy or can use for free on the Internet, see links below:

Set the metronome to a very slow pace at first, and practise moving from one chord to another in time with the clicks.  Once you can do that without any problems, slowly increase the speed and practise again.

Over time, this will make your chord changes cleaner and punchier.

In the next lesson, you will learn the 3 chord (metal) trick!

Take it easy,

Email Subject: Axe Survival Guide – Tip 6 (3 Chord Metal Trick)

What up?

Normally when people learn guitar, they will learn the open chords, A, D and E, known as the 3 chord trick.  Learning these 3 chords would allow you to play the majority of 60s songs like Twist and Shout, Peggy Sue and a zillion others.

However, those open chords are not covered in the Guide as they are not heavy enough ;-)  So, instead, you can use the same Chord Sequence (known as a Chord Progression) but just play the metal chord versions instead.

Try playing them in this order (strumming each chord twice) 

1) A POWER CHORD twice (5th Fret / 6th String and 7th Fret/5th String)
2) D POWER CHORD twice (5th Fret / 5th String and 7th Fret 4th String)
3) OPEN E twice (Open 6th String and first finger on 2nd fret / 5th string)
4) D POWER CHORD twice (5th Fret / 5th String and 7th Fret 4th String)


Now try playing these chords in different orders to make up your own progression.

Tomorrow will be an important lesson about achieving the results you want.


Email Subject: Axe Survival Guide – Tip 7 (Your Metal Guitar Goal)

How’s it??

I don’t want to get all new-agey on you, but when you want to improve anything or get better at something, it’s very to do so without having an idea of what you want to achieve.

For example, your goal could be improving the speed of your changes from one chord to another, getting your chords to sound cleaner without any fret buzz, or maybe there’s a song you want to learn to play.

By having your goals laid out, you will be able to stay on track, and see improvement day by day.  Before you know it, you will be on that stage playing live! 

Simply create your goal sheet in a word processor, or you can write it out by hand if you like.  I find it helps to have a box where you can tick it off when you’ve completed that task.

Ok, that’s probably enough tips for now, you need to get practicing ok :-) Please stick with it, it will be really rewarding, I promise.  I’ll email you again some time soon to see how things are going.

Oh, and if you really want a fast track to learning heavy metal guitar, check out the full course here: (REPLACE YOURID!!!!)

Cheers and speak soon.



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Phil Wheatley

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